4 Fatal Freelance Writing Mistakes

4 freelance writing mistakes

This post is NOT about your writing ability. Here’s the thing… if you’re not earning the income you want from freelance writing, it’s probably not because you lack the writing skills. Very unlikely. Chances are, it’s because you’re lacking the crucial business skills. From my experience as both a writer, and when talking to other freelance writers, [...]

10 Pros & Cons of Part-Time Freelance Writing

part time freelance writer

So you want to be a freelance writer? If you answered “yes”, you’ve probably asked yourself the following question many times… “Should I quit my day job, or start with part-time freelance writing?” While you’re probably excited about the real possibility of earning a full-time living as a freelance writer, you need to consider your [...]

Give Yourself A Pay Raise By Testing Your “Hire Me” Page

pay raise for freelance writers

Do you want a pay raise? Of course you do. And one of the best things about a freelance writing and blogging career is that you can give yourself a pay raise. As an employee, you need to wait (at least twelve months) for a raise. As a freelance writer, you call the shots. You [...]

How To Get Hired By Blogging More Often

get hired by blogging

Blogging more often, as a way to get hired, is one step that can revolutionize your freelance writing business. Why? Because clients will then approach you for work. This is sometimes known as “inbound marketing”. Whatever you call it, it’s a powerful position to be in. And it means that you don’t need to do [...]

50 Ways To Build Your Freelance Blogging Business

build your freelance blogging business

“What’s the best way to build my freelance blogging business?” This is a question I am often asked. The truth is that there are many ways. Whatever you choose, you need to position your business in front of your target clients and offer a unique solution to their current problem. In other words, identify your [...]