Is Your Freelance Writer Website Committing This Error?

writer website mistakesDoes your freelance writer website get qualified and interested clients to “raise their hands” so you can follow up with them?

If you’re not getting leads from interested potential clients, then the answer is “no”.

The Only Purpose of A Writer Website

While many freelance writers and bloggers have websites or blogs, most don’t attract qualified potential clients.


Because they not are designed with that purpose in mind. This is a big mistake. If you want interested clients to contact you, then you need to make it easy for them.

There must be a way to capture their name and email address (as a minimum), so you can follow up with them later. Everything else is secondary to this goal.

Create A Hire Me Page

This page will be the most important on your writer website, so work tirelessly on it. Write and edit until it’s perfect.

Tell the client what he will gain by working with you (traffic, subscribers, leads, sales).

Next, show some testimonials from previous clients who have praised you.

Now provide some samples of your work. Finally, you need either a contact form, or a clickable link (so the client can email you).

Demonstrate Your Value

The benefit of a website is that you can demonstrate your writing skills, blogging knowledge and social media expertise. This is inherent in your message, and it works to your advantage.

Everything you publish to your website (and the traffic generated) are demonstrations of your skills. These are the skills potential clients will pay handsomely for.

But only if you make it clear that you can be hired.



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